Friday, February 3, 2012

My winter break 2B-fmi

Hello, everyone. I'm fmi.
I'd like to speak about my winter break.
I went to the Disney land and Disney sea.
I enjoyed ride, shopping and take some pictures.
But I didn't see a Mickey mouse.
So I will take picture with Mickey next time.
Thank you.

My recommend video game 2B-fmi

Hi, I'm fmi.
My hobby is play video games.
So I recommend my favorite game!
That's title is "Musou Oroch �".
This is a action game which is fights famous Warring States general Iike Nobunaga Oda.
I control a general, and beat many enemies.
It's make me refreshing.
And a story of game is good!

Thank you.

My favorite Character is Konan 2B-Miki

Hi! everyone. I'm Miki.
My favorite anime is Meitantei Konan .
Main character name is Edogawa konan.
He looks like child,
but he is high school students.
One day, He was caught up in a crime.
He was given medicine.
So, His body is about child size.
This is the beginning of a tale.

My recommended coffee shop 2B- Miki

My recommended coffee shop is Starbucks.
Starbucks is one of the coffee shops famous for Japan.
I drink coffee everyday.
Because my favorit drink is coffee.
I have gone to the Starbucks once for the week.
This photgraphic is Azuki bean powdered-green-tea rate.
This is available only during this season.
Therefore, going each time is pleasure.

My favorite character 2B-fmi

Hi, everyone. I'm fmi.
I like watching TV animation.
One of my favorite animation is "Sponge Bob"
So my favorite character is Sponge-Bob!
He live under the sea with strange friends.
Of course he is strange too.
He is funny and cute, so I like him!
I think that you take to it if you see.
Thank you!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My winter break 2B takeyama

Hi,I'm takeyama. I went back my home. During return my home, I met my friends after long time. I was very happy to find them so well.

My favorite character 2B takeyama

Hi,I'm takeyama. My favorite character is R4.It is robot which appears Star Wars.It is a minor character ,but I like it!

My recommended singer.2B-takeyama

Hi,I'm takeyama. My recommended singer is Ayaka. Her voice is makes me relax. Please listen her songs , if there is an opportunity.