Thursday, October 13, 2011

Listen to Music-Ya-a2B

My name is Ya-a.
My hobby is listen to music.
When I going to school,I am often listening to music.
My fovorite musician is Green Day.
Their singing voice is made bright.
I want everyone for me to listen it.
See you!

Go shopping.2B oyu

Hi,I'm oyu.I'm going to talk about go shopping.
I study bookkeeping every day.
Of corse,I also like it.But I sometimes go shopping on my way home.
Many shops are which my favorite between my home and CUC.
For example, Lalaport and PARCO.
I like shopping to take my mind off study.

Listen to music 2B TK

Hi, I'm Tk.
I'm going to talk about listen to music.
I love music.
My favorite music is J-pop.
I spend spare time for listennig to music.

Work - 2B Pon

Hi, I'm Pon. I'm going talk about work. My hobby is work. When it acts that feel definite aim. I cannot without the work.

About Baseball 2A - Chiyo

I`m going to talk about baseball.
When I was junior high school student,I am joining baseball club.
I like to play baseball.
My favorite baseball player is Matui.

No name!

My favorite singer - 2A Hyu

Hi,I`m Hyu.
Taking about my favorite singer.
My favorite singer is Kobukuro.
I sing Kobukuro`s song in karaoke well.
I want to go to Karaoke next.

tropical fish-2B takeyama

Hi,I'm takeyama.
I'm going to talk about tropical fish.
I have tropical fish in my parents house.
Tropical fish is very beautiful.

My favorite sports -2B Kousuke

Hi,I'm Kousuke. I'm going to talk about soft tennis.
I have played tennis for 6year.My favorite racket is Nanoforce 750v.In high school ,we played every day.

Darts-2B Chocoball Kato

Hi,I'm Chocoball Kato.
I'm going to talk about darts.
Recently,I'm playing to darts.
I bought my darts.
Score rose recently.
Thanks bye bye.

Listening to music - 2B Lamp

Hi I'm Lamp.
I'm going talk about
lirtenning music.
My favorite thing is
listenning to music.
I like metal music.
It make me exiting.

Playing the Guitar - 2B Peaman

Hi,I'm peaman.
I'm going to talk to about guitar I have to play the guitar since junior high school 3rd grade.
It bought 30000yen.
I play the guitar every day.
Playing the guitar very fun!

My Bicycle - 2B yasyo

I will talk about my bicycle!
I changed bicycle parts last week.
I changed sadle,glip,light,
I love it.

Watching youtube - 2B kazukichi Lv.101

Hi! I´m going to talk about watching Youtube.
I often watch it on Smartphone.
Youtube can watch many kind of movies.
I like animation and Tokusatu as a 〇〇renja.
I like MariaHorikku and Kakurenja.
Do you know Kakurenja?

My favorite picture - 2A Meshiuma

Hi I'm メシウマ
Taking about my favorite picture.
My favorite picture is this.
I took this picture on my back from my part time job.
I saw its eyes and I thought I must take a picture.

Golf-2A fyu

I'm going to about golf. My favorite sports is golf.
I like watching and playing golf.
I started golf this summer.
I want to be a better golfer.

Darts - 2A ikd

I like to throw darts.
I throw darts a few times a weeks.
My friends are very good player.
I want to improve my darts skills than them.

Darts -2A naranara

I talk about darts.
My favorite sports is darts .
I often play darts .
I want to be better darts player .

My bike - 2a Rin

My name is rin.
I'm going to talk about my motor cycle.
Bought it in July.
I went to Hakone and Enoshima on my bike.

Skateboarding - 2a V.I.P

Hi I'm V.I.P
I'm going to talk abont skateboarding.
I'm want to better player.
I ride on Everyday.


Hi, my name is taka.I'm going to about tennis.
First I was belong to tennis club in high school and junior high school.Now I'm belong to tennis group activities.
Second I was impressed prince of tennis (tennis no oujisama) of manga.
Third It important reason is diet!


Shopping-2B mieee

Hi! I'm mieee.
I'm going to talk to about my favorite clothes shops.
My favorite clothes shops is 「Heather」, 「RETRO GIRL」 and 「ARROW」.
They are very good design!
But they are high prices.

cooking - 2B charot

Hi, I'm charot. I'm going to talk about cooking.
I cook a family meal on holiday.
I'm working part-time at family restaurant.
I'm good at cooking pasta.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shopping - 2B oda

Hi,I'm oda.I'm going to talk about shopping.
I like to go shopping to buy clothes and shoes.
I often buy at fashion buildings like LUMINE and shibuya109 and Marui.
There are many shops in fashion buildings,so it is easy for me to buy clothes and shoes.
Since I haven't gone shopping recently, I'm going to go to buy winter clothes and boots.

I'm going to auto bike
recently bought.
I ride on Everyday.

No name!

I like soccer.
He also likes seeing the game of soccer all together.
It goes to a studio with a friend occasionally, and goes to aid a game.

No name!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Japanese Comics - 1A Shoua

Hi everyone.
I'm Shouya. I'm talking about Japanese comics.
I like many comics.
For example, my favorite comic is GANTZ.
characters of GANTZ is written minutely and generally.
By the way my favorite character is hikawa.
He is a vampire.

Internet - 1A Tokai

I like internet.
Hello everyone.I'm Tokai.
I'm going to talk about internet.
I use internet everyday.
Because, there is good information on web, it is change everytime.
I see mainly 2ch, news site and movie site.
It is very interesting.

Baseball - 2A fyu

I'm going to talk about baseball.
I was doing baseball to the high school.
I like watching baseball games.
A favorite team is the Giants.

Gundam - 1A Takuya

Hy, everyone.
I'm Takuya.
I'm going to talk about GUNDAM.
GUNDAM is one of my living.
GUNDAM is great anime.
My favorit of GUNDAM series is first GUNDAM.
My faivourit character is Chiar Aznable.
Seeyou Again.

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Taking a PHOTO - 2A Tb22

Hi, I'm Tb22.
I going to talk about photo.
I like taking a picture.
I use a film and digital both.
It is because there is a good part of both.
I'm using "Toy camera".
Toy camera is interesting.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking Photos - 2B ZCY@CUC

Hi,I'm ZCY. I'm going to talk about what to do that for my fun.
I love taking photos very much. So I learn to take photos with a famous
Though, I bought a good camera for taking photos. In this summer holiday, I
took some pictures with one.
I hope that my camera skill become better and better in future.

Rice noodle - 1G Zhao

rice noodle

My favorite food is rice noodle.
Mom also likes to eat.
Japan did not come before,each shopping will eat rice noodle.
Now living in Japan,miss that taste and texture.
Mother has in China,brought me to bay bried rice noodle.

Pyramids - 1G Huang

The pyranids of egypt was built in 4500.with a huge pyramid made of there about 110 egyptian pyramids. pyamid is world's seven wonders i was little interest on the pyramid. must have the opportunity to see the pyramids in egypt.

Camera - 1G Jin

In china when I like cameras
Especially Nikon
Nikon is word-renowned brands
But can not afford because
the price is too high

My favorite sport - 1A Ren

I am Ren, I am going to talk about my favorite sport, it is basketball. I like the "NBA" expecially "Los Angels Lakes" best, because they are strong and popular all over the world. (The links were added by Admin.) Basketball Association of America on Qwiki Los angeles Lakers on Qwiki
View Los Angeles Lakers and over 3,000,000 other topics on Qwiki.

Soccer 2A igka

I am going to talk about soccer. I like seeing I play soccer. but looking people like the soccer.
The favorite soccer team likes teams called Gamba Osaka.
Kaji is the most favorite player in Gamba Osaka.

(The links were added by Admin.)
Gamba Osaka

Gamba Osaka on Qwiki
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I LIKE MANGA - 1A Sawahata

Hi every one. I'm sawahata. I'm going tolk about manga.

For example Usogui is gamble manga. Main caraktar is Baku. Usogui's content is amazing gamble.

Second Bin is ensyent (ancient) China manga. Main caraktar is Bin.
These manga are interesting. LET reading.

(The links were added by Admin)
NHK world TV | image-nation
Manga - Japanese Comics > Uso Gui

Shopping - 1A Sayuri

I like shopping.

Hi, everyone! I'm sayuri. I'm going talk about my favorite shopping.

My favorite shop is Moussy. I go to shopping onece a week. My favorite place is Shibuya. I go to shopping with my friends. Shopping is very nice!


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Shibuya on Qwiki:

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Video Games - 1A Hirokazu

I like playing video game.

Hi everyone. I am Hirokazu. I am going to take about video game. I like playing video game. I play game everyday. I especially like Role Playing Game. My favorite game is FF�. Its story is very good. Because, When I play game I was moved to tears. (Added by Admin ↓) Question: FF� means "Final Fantasy XIII"? (Final Fantasy XIII trailer)