Thursday, May 31, 2012

2B kinami, nagai & tada

Our favorite Japanese foods are sushi,ramen,matcha flavor ice.
Sushi is fish and shellfish, such as ikura there are various types.
Sushi is Japanese traditional food.
There is a commitment by the ramen shop.
Matrix can also ramen shop.
Matcha is a lot of things are mixed in.
Kyoto is famous for matcha.
There foods are famous for Japanese food.


2B Shigeki & Kinjo

We will talk obvioce our favorite things in Japan.Sushi is vinegared rice and seafood dish combines the.Has been recognized worldwide as the lead in the sushi already.Sushi has been recognized throughout the world already.In recent years, sushi has also appeared carrying the meat and tempura.
Prime Minister of Japan is instead frequently.366 term of office beginning on the day of Shinzo Abe, Yasuo Fukuda, 365 days, 358 Sun of Taro Aso, 266 days of Yukio Hatoyama, Naoto Kan, 452 days.I think that there is a problem in that people think that leaving responsibility.
Despite Japan earthquake occurred, there is a well-maintained country after the earthquake.


2B tone & arimitsu

This is a Japanese food what is very good.
A way of using chopsticks is beautiful.
This is the best food culture in the world.

This is the mount fuji.
It's the highest in Japanese mountain.
This is known by many people.

Japanese animation is the best in the world.
Character design,story composition and the like are top crass in the world.
We are pray this culture is not become weaker.


2B RyoM and SatouO


(Updated June 5)
Hello, everyone.
My name is RYOU. It's Satou.

The theme we introduce about Japan this time is about Japanese men and women.

First it's quite said that the favorite place is popular with Japanese women from other national people in Japan. The feature is light and is the reason that it's popular I have glossy black hair and that it is modest mental attitude compared with other national ladies for a Japanese woman. By the way, the type of my favorite girl has short hair and is a quiet girl.

The next is about the place where I don't like Japan. It's said that the Japanese man is unpopular by far from other national ladies. Because a Japanese man has a long trunk compared with other national men, and it's a short leg, and it's said that the feature is also unpopular. But this is a look from other countries to the end, and I think the Japanese man is cool.

And it's said that the person who gets married is decreasing in Japan for the last theme. It's different from the past by present-day society, and you have also begun a lady, so a working woman is increasing. And the person who can get a job is decreasing, and the thing with the unstable income is also one of reasons. I think I'll get married and bear a child much, and stop future aged society. No, I think I don't have to get married. Because I think so it's free a life of the person.  But we include a Japanese good place, a bad place and the part which isn 't known yet and like Japan.

2b Shun & Naoto


(Updated on June 7)
Fireworks like us In Japan.
There are fireworks also in a foreign country.
But Japnese fireworks are beautiful than foreign fireworks.
And Japnese fireworks have many kinds.
Summer like us.
We thinks the true symbol of summer is fireworks.
And we like fireworks festival.
Fireworks are rise and romantic.
The good event which deepens the relations of a friend and sweetheart.
By the way earth quake dislike us in Japan.
Earthquake is fearful and many people dead.
As long as it is in Japan.
We have to take care about an earth quake.

2B Miyazawa & Shintarou


(Updated on June 7)

We are going to talk about Japanese presentations.

No,1 japanese food.
Japanese food is unique.
And it is beautiful in appearance characteristic.
In Japan, there is a custom of eating something raw, from other
countries is found in different ethenic groups, I lile it.
I love what reason the taste of raw material itself is seen from.

No,2 I like japanese flower.
I like flowers in my view is a cherry blossum in Japan.
In Japan,there is a culture of flower viewings.
I like to enjoy flower viewing. Becouse there is variety ,such sa
and friends.
Also,I do like the cherry flower becouse there is also seen in the
daytime also look in the evening.

No,3 Japan has the four seasons.
We can see various scene all round a year.
For example cherry blossum red japanesess maple, hanabi and snow.
There are beautiful.

2B Takuma & Natsumi


(Updated on June 7)

His name is Takuma.And my name is Natsumi
We talk about three Japanese favorite things?
The thing which next we like is the four seasons.
It is not a thing only for Japan in the four seasons.
However, there are few countries where a season is divided into neatly
like Japan.
Wonderful scenery exists in all seasons.
It is spring that I think that I am the most wonderful.

High school sports
I'm going to talk about I like japan.
First,IHigh school's sports is very active.
For example, baseball,soccer,vollyball.
Baseball tournament is hold at Spring and Summer.
Spring tournament called "Senbatsu". Summer tourment called "Koushien".
These tournament realy from the spot on TV,
very exciting every year.
I played baseball in high too.
I exciting every summer and Spring.

Seconds "Fireworks" is trend in Japan at Summer.
Fireworks is made of gunpowder set off shell a night sky at Summer.
Every Summer festival called "Hanabi Taikai" around Japan.
Small Food shops are opened in the Festival and many people enjoy eating
special foods.

2B Takayuki & Daiki


(Updated on June 7)
I'm Daiki and Takayuki!
We are going to talk about what we like and dislike about Japan.

Our favorite things is Japanese four season.
Because Japanese four season have each of the seaonal tradition.

For example there are a cherry brossom-viewing picnic and firework.
These things is very beautiful!

But we dislike pollen of the in Japan,since hay fever is very hard(>_<)
And we hate cicada of the summer in Japan.
Because cicada's song is very noisy and it is grotesque!

Thank you┐('〜`;)┌

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2B KoheiD & AbeY "Japanese Summer"


5/24 Homework OomasaY &NakanoK

Hi everyone
We are Yohei and Keita
We will talk about the sub-culture
There are a lot of comics in Japan
The Japanese are skillful
So, the Japanese are well able to draw a picture
And there is imagination Japanese
So, it is possible to think of an interesting story
Japanese manga are very popular also in foreign countries
In a foreign country is also famous for Japanese animation
They are also taking the award at a film festival or foreign
There are a lot of games in Japan
Popular anime and manga will be in the game
Japan has a lot of entertainment
Thank you for listening


2B RyoA & Mifuyu

My Japanese favorite place are a temple , a castle and Mt.Fuji.
I also looked for the place I don't like, it wasn't found.
First Kiyomizu-temple is introduced.
Kiyomizu-temple is one of the very famous tourist spots in Kyoto.
I think the standard school excursion of Kyoto.
There's bustling with a lot of tourists, and it's a very good place.
Next Himeji-castle is introduced.
There is Himeji-castle in Hyogo.
It's one of Japan three Meijo and is also registered with the world's cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.
It was also built by a historical origin and Hashiba Hideyoshi with Shirasagi-castle.
Last Mt.Fuji is introduced.
There is Mt.Fuji in a border between prefectures of Shizuoka and Yamanashi.
Most highly, it's 3776m at a Japanese mountain.
When it's seen from a far place, it's very beautiful.
It ends above.


2B Toshiukyi & Kazue

Hello, everyone.
We will talk about a favorite things in Japan.
First, the Fireworks.
Fireworks is very visionary and beautiful.
By the way, origin of fireworks is China.
The fireworks festival said to be the oldest in Japan is the Sumida river fireworks festival.
Second, the Summer yukata.
The girl wears it is very sexy.
Third, the Round fan.
It is also saving electricity.
It is wonderful in summer of Japan!
Let's enjoy summer of Japan!
Thank you!
Bye bye!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1B3 Tonny -> Zen


1B4 4 Seasons, Powdered Green Tea & Packed Trains


(Updated on June 7)

What you like the four seasons? I like it. Four seasons is a few in the world. And Japan changes a figure in each season. I also like powdered green tea. Powdered green tea suits anything. And it is peculiar to Japan. I am glad that I was born to Japan.
But,I dislike "Packed train". Because packed train make us displeasure. If we take packed train, we will be tired and feel sick. I don't care only for a packed train.

1B3 Takuya -> Fumiya


1B4 Yuma & Ootani


Hi,we are going to talk about disasters and japanese trains
My name is Ootani I took about the most useful tool in Japan that is train
Train is runs first and cheep
But you should make use of it in the morning you will be surprised to see so many people morning train is very smarty , humid and smelly I am lucky because I do not have to take it
My name is Hata I talk about disasters.
Japan has a lot of earthquakes.We often have unusual weather these days.
There are an earthquake,a eruption,a heavy rain and thunder in a natural disaster.
Disasters caused by unusual weather is increasing.

1B4 Atsushi & Naomi


Hi,we are going to talk three things we like or dislike about Japan.
First, I like Japanese water is clean and delicious because Japan have many beautiful forest.
Second, japan has many world heritage.
For example, Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera,Tousyouguu .
Third, I dislike Japan because Japan lack resources.
this problem is very important thing.'

1B4 Hidetoshi & Kouhei K


Hi,we are going to talk about Japanese famous place.

First,Mt.Fuji is highest mountain in Japan. The view is so beautiful from the top. You should climb there. Actually I have never climb there.

Second,Tokyoskytree was built in Tokyo. It was completed on February 29 in 2012. It is highest in the world. You should visit there.

Third, Horyuji was built by Shotoku Taishi in 607. It is oldest temple in Japan. You can feel history of Japan.

1B4 Ayato & Kentaro


Hi, we are going to talk about Wagashi, Convenience store and Mt,fuji.

I like Wagashi very much
Wagashi is traditional foods.
Wagashi is low caloriery than yogashi.

I like convenience store.
They sell many foods and cosmetics and books.
Convenience store has many services.
For example copy machine and Fax and ATM.
Convenience store is interesting.
I 'm go to convenience store sometimes.

I like Mt,Fuji because very beautiful.
Mt,Fuji is between Yamanashi and Shizuoka.
Mt,Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
Altitude is about 3776 meter.

1B4 Takuma & takeishi


Hi, we are going to talk about Packed train, Japanese animation, and Japanese style "Wa".

We don't like Packed train. Because it becomes stressfull. It concentrate in the city.

We like Japanese animation. Because it is said that it is something the world's best. It is also one purpose of people who come to Japan from the foreign country.

We like Japanese style gWah. It is tea as an example of Japanese style gWag. Taste, but also time to put the tea is an art.

1B4 Misaki & Naoto


Hi, we are going to talk about Sky tree and crowded trains and Japanese confectionery.
At first,Sky tree is very high electric wave tower.
Sky tree is very high electric wave tower.
Sky tree started to be built in the middle ob June in 2006.
This tower is twenty nine floors.
Sky tree is 634m and higher then Tokyo tower.

The second, we don't like crowded trains.
The trains are full, and we can not get in.
Too many people and small space.
Japanese are feeling of being oppressed.
Thea trains are hot and stuffy.
We are almost never able to get a seat on the morning and evening commuter-train.
It is a lot of trouble to get in out of a trains.

The third, anyone like Japanese confectionery regardless of age.
It is one of the tradition.
There are Green tee, soft rice cake stuffed with sweetened bean jam, steamed bun, seasonal especially sweet.

1B4 kei & miu


Hi,we are going to talk about Japanese convenience store, AKB48 and Japanese call phone.

We like Japanese convenience store,that is superior to another country's.
Because it sells various of goods,not only grocery and magazine,but also commodity and cosmetic.
Another , it works everyday, every time , so don't stop working!

We like AKB48 stronghold in "Akihabara" is the most popular Japanese idol,composed of 48 Japanese girls.
Its concept is "We can meet them" ,so its fun increase in no time,to be popular.

We like"smart phone" bloodstream in Japan.
Especially called "Mobage" is most popular and its market is enlarge.
As for issue , it hard to understand its charge system.

1b4 Yuki&Maya


Hi,we are going to talk about Trains ran on schedule
It comes at the time when the train was decided perfectly.
It is very convenient to build a schedule.
However,it is a case where the influence of an accident resulting in injury or death or the weather is removed.

An abundance of good water
There is much Japanese water and it is very safe also as drinking water.
There are many things not safe as drinking water overseas,and it cannot drink in comforts.
Japanese thinks that it is wonderful about the fields.

Japanese sweets
Unlike a Westerns- style cake,Japanese sweets are not too sweets, and are precocious sweets.
Moreover,it is beautiful although appearance is also simples.
Japanese sweets also have many kinds.
Therefore,it is liked by many people regardless of ages.

Japan is many earthquak.last years, Japan was happen big earthquake. so receive many damage. we must rise ourselves and revives.

Can not depend on gavament
In Japan we can not depend on gavament. because the per minister quit's quickly and another

Never live panda in Japan. so panda is buy manay in chinas. Now if you want to see a panda.
you have to go to uenodoubutuen.

1b4 ryosuke&kenta


Hi,we are going to talk about sushi&a crowded train&japanese style toilet.
First of all ,We are going to talk about sushi.
I like sushi. Sushi is the most famous Japanese food in world.
Sushi is only delicious it looked great.

Second,We are going to talk about a crowded train.I dislike a crowded train.
Because a crowded train is sweltering.

Lastly,We are going to talk about Japanese style toilet.
I dislike japanese style toilet.
Because Japanese style toilet is always dirty.

Thank you.Have a nice day.

1B4 Takeyuki&Jun


Hi, we are going to talk about Japan.

First, we are going to talk about earthquake.
Japan is an earthquake where is a lot of hate.
Earthquake countermeasures is very difficult to.
Earthquake is very scary.

Next, we are going to talk about Sushi.
We like sushi.
Sushi has various kinds.
Sushi is really delicious.

Lastly, we are going to talk about New Year.
Japan has a culture of New Year.
New year is to eat your cooking section.
New Year has a unique play and food.
We like New Year.

1B3 Kotaro -> Kentaro


1B3 Yoshinobu -> Masatomo

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1B3 Kentaro -> Kotaro


1b3 Akira -> Yoshinobu



1B3 Fumiya -> Takuya


1b3 Masatomo -> Akira


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