Thursday, May 31, 2012

2B Shigeki & Kinjo

We will talk obvioce our favorite things in Japan.Sushi is vinegared rice and seafood dish combines the.Has been recognized worldwide as the lead in the sushi already.Sushi has been recognized throughout the world already.In recent years, sushi has also appeared carrying the meat and tempura.
Prime Minister of Japan is instead frequently.366 term of office beginning on the day of Shinzo Abe, Yasuo Fukuda, 365 days, 358 Sun of Taro Aso, 266 days of Yukio Hatoyama, Naoto Kan, 452 days.I think that there is a problem in that people think that leaving responsibility.
Despite Japan earthquake occurred, there is a well-maintained country after the earthquake.



  1. Hi Shigeki & Kinjo
    Let me point out 5 things for you to be better understood.

    1. スペルに気をつけて:日本で私たちが好きな3つのことについて話します。
    We will talk about our favorite things about Japan.

    2. すしは酢飯と魚介を組み合わせたものです。
    Sushi is composed of vinegared rice combined with seafood.

    ??? Has been recognized worldwide as the lead in the sushi already.

    3. 日本は首相が頻繁に代わる。
    Japan changes Prime Ministers so often.

    4. 首相が責任をとらないと思われる点で、これは問題だと思う。
    I think that this is a problem in that people think that Prime Ministers won't take responsibility.

    5. 地震があったにも関わらず、日本は治安がいい。
    Despite the earthquake, Japan has good public safety and order.

  2. I think so.
    I like sushi!!

  3. It was a wonderful announcement.
    I might be able to pair with you!

  4. It is difficult in me to write in English.
    I have to study more.


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