Thursday, May 31, 2012

2B Miyazawa & Shintarou


(Updated on June 7)

We are going to talk about Japanese presentations.

No,1 japanese food.
Japanese food is unique.
And it is beautiful in appearance characteristic.
In Japan, there is a custom of eating something raw, from other
countries is found in different ethenic groups, I lile it.
I love what reason the taste of raw material itself is seen from.

No,2 I like japanese flower.
I like flowers in my view is a cherry blossum in Japan.
In Japan,there is a culture of flower viewings.
I like to enjoy flower viewing. Becouse there is variety ,such sa
and friends.
Also,I do like the cherry flower becouse there is also seen in the
daytime also look in the evening.

No,3 Japan has the four seasons.
We can see various scene all round a year.
For example cherry blossum red japanesess maple, hanabi and snow.
There are beautiful.


  1. Japan have a lot of beatiful things!
    I think I'm glad I was born in Japan!

    1. Thank you for comment.
      I also love the culture of Japan.
      Good thing is a bad thing is I want to eliminate stretching.

  2. very beautiful
    Japan is best place

    1. Thank you for a comment.
      Japan has alot of charm.
      I love japan.


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