Thursday, May 31, 2012

2B RyoM and SatouO


(Updated June 5)
Hello, everyone.
My name is RYOU. It's Satou.

The theme we introduce about Japan this time is about Japanese men and women.

First it's quite said that the favorite place is popular with Japanese women from other national people in Japan. The feature is light and is the reason that it's popular I have glossy black hair and that it is modest mental attitude compared with other national ladies for a Japanese woman. By the way, the type of my favorite girl has short hair and is a quiet girl.

The next is about the place where I don't like Japan. It's said that the Japanese man is unpopular by far from other national ladies. Because a Japanese man has a long trunk compared with other national men, and it's a short leg, and it's said that the feature is also unpopular. But this is a look from other countries to the end, and I think the Japanese man is cool.

And it's said that the person who gets married is decreasing in Japan for the last theme. It's different from the past by present-day society, and you have also begun a lady, so a working woman is increasing. And the person who can get a job is decreasing, and the thing with the unstable income is also one of reasons. I think I'll get married and bear a child much, and stop future aged society. No, I think I don't have to get married. Because I think so it's free a life of the person.  But we include a Japanese good place, a bad place and the part which isn 't known yet and like Japan.


  1. Hi Ryo & Satou,
    Let me point out 5 things, for you to be better understood.

    1. 日本人女性は他の国の人々に人気があるとよく言われる。
    It's often said that Japanese women are popular among people from other countries.

    2. 人気の理由は、つやのある黒髪と他国の女性と比べて穏やかな態度だと思う。
    I think they are popular because of their dark silly hair and their modest attitude compared to ladies from other countries.

    3. 次は日本の嫌いなところです。
    Next, I'll talk about what I don't like about Japan.

    4. でもこれは結局ひとつの見方にすぎない。
    But this is just a way of looking anyway.

    5. (外で)働く女性が増えている。
    More women are working outside.
    The number of women who work outside is increasing.

  2. RyoM and OtohikoS6/07/2012 11:52 AM

    We think that this problem was very interesting.
    It was difficult to translate Japanese into English.
    When we had finished translating it using a dictionary, there was sense of accomplishment and was good.
    Thank you.

  3. I make a comment.
    A middle guy is very ill!


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