Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1b4 Yuki&Maya


Hi,we are going to talk about Trains ran on schedule
It comes at the time when the train was decided perfectly.
It is very convenient to build a schedule.
However,it is a case where the influence of an accident resulting in injury or death or the weather is removed.

An abundance of good water
There is much Japanese water and it is very safe also as drinking water.
There are many things not safe as drinking water overseas,and it cannot drink in comforts.
Japanese thinks that it is wonderful about the fields.

Japanese sweets
Unlike a Westerns- style cake,Japanese sweets are not too sweets, and are precocious sweets.
Moreover,it is beautiful although appearance is also simples.
Japanese sweets also have many kinds.
Therefore,it is liked by many people regardless of ages.

Japan is many earthquak.last years, Japan was happen big earthquake. so receive many damage. we must rise ourselves and revives.

Can not depend on gavament
In Japan we can not depend on gavament. because the per minister quit's quickly and another

Never live panda in Japan. so panda is buy manay in chinas. Now if you want to see a panda.
you have to go to uenodoubutuen.


  1. Hi Yuki & Maya,
    You spoke very clearly and made some interesting points!

    Let me point out 4 things for you to be better understood.

    1. We like the trains run schedule because it is convenient to make schedule and security. 「電車が好きだ。時間通りに来るから予定を立てやすいし、安全だから」(かな?)-> We like trains. They run on schedule so it's easy to make a plan. They are safe too.

    2. Japan is many earthquake. 「日本は地震が多い」-> Japan has many earthquakes.

    3. We must rise ourselves and revive. 「立ち上がって元気を出さなければならない」-> We must rise up and revive ourselves.

    4. The prime minister (発音注意) quits (発音注意) quickly and another person. -> A prime minister quits quickly and another person comes. (and is replaced by another.)

  2. Yuki and maya6/05/2012 3:24 PM

    we want to lean revive,minister,quits,security, & safe.

  3. Although it was pleasant to have speak English,the size of pronunciation and voice was dofficult.


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