Thursday, May 31, 2012

2B Takuma & Natsumi


(Updated on June 7)

His name is Takuma.And my name is Natsumi
We talk about three Japanese favorite things?
The thing which next we like is the four seasons.
It is not a thing only for Japan in the four seasons.
However, there are few countries where a season is divided into neatly
like Japan.
Wonderful scenery exists in all seasons.
It is spring that I think that I am the most wonderful.

High school sports
I'm going to talk about I like japan.
First,IHigh school's sports is very active.
For example, baseball,soccer,vollyball.
Baseball tournament is hold at Spring and Summer.
Spring tournament called "Senbatsu". Summer tourment called "Koushien".
These tournament realy from the spot on TV,
very exciting every year.
I played baseball in high too.
I exciting every summer and Spring.

Seconds "Fireworks" is trend in Japan at Summer.
Fireworks is made of gunpowder set off shell a night sky at Summer.
Every Summer festival called "Hanabi Taikai" around Japan.
Small Food shops are opened in the Festival and many people enjoy eating
special foods.


  1. Hi Takuma & Natsumi,
    Let me point out 5 things, for you to be better understood.

    1. The thing which next we like is the four seasons.
    -> next は要らない?

    2. 日本だけに四季があるわけではない。
    It is not only Japan that has four seasons.

    3. 一番素晴らしいと思うのは春だ。
    I think spring is the most wonderful.

    4. 毎夏、毎春わくわくする。
    I'm excited every summer and Spring.

    5. 花火大会と呼ばれる祭りが日本中で開かれる。
    Every Summer, festivals called "Hanabi Taikai" are held around Japan.

    ※ Sorry! I couldn't really understand this:
    These tournaments from the spot on TV.

  2. I think speech is very difficult.
    It is difficult that I want to say in English.

  3. I like fireworks!
    I have done every year to see the fireworks
    it is very beautiful

  4. We enjoyed your speach.
    His voice is very cool!


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