Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1b4 ryosuke&kenta


Hi,we are going to talk about sushi&a crowded train&japanese style toilet.
First of all ,We are going to talk about sushi.
I like sushi. Sushi is the most famous Japanese food in world.
Sushi is only delicious it looked great.

Second,We are going to talk about a crowded train.I dislike a crowded train.
Because a crowded train is sweltering.

Lastly,We are going to talk about Japanese style toilet.
I dislike japanese style toilet.
Because Japanese style toilet is always dirty.

Thank you.Have a nice day.


  1. Hi Ryosuke & Kenta,
    You spoke very clearly. Good job! Well, there are clean Japanese-style toilets!

    Let me point out 5 things for you to be better understood.
    1. Sushi is only delicious. なぜ only? -> Sushi is very delicious.
    2. it looked great なぜ過去?「見た目もきれい」(かな?) -> It is beautiful, too.
    3. a crowded train is sweltering 「混雑した電車は(自分が)汗だくになる」-> I become sweaty in a crowded train.
    4. Japanese style toilet is always dirty. 「和式トイレはたいてい(←常に:×)汚い」-> Japanese-style toilets are usually dirty.
    5. 1つに限らない時は、複数形を使いましょう!

  2. We want to learn "not only " & "it is looked great","sweaty",usually",&"fukusukei".


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