Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2B Toshiukyi & Kazue

Hello, everyone.
We will talk about a favorite things in Japan.
First, the Fireworks.
Fireworks is very visionary and beautiful.
By the way, origin of fireworks is China.
The fireworks festival said to be the oldest in Japan is the Sumida river fireworks festival.
Second, the Summer yukata.
The girl wears it is very sexy.
Third, the Round fan.
It is also saving electricity.
It is wonderful in summer of Japan!
Let's enjoy summer of Japan!
Thank you!
Bye bye!



  1. Hi guys,
    You've done your homework. Great! Let me point out 5 things to help make your speech better.

    1. a favorite things → our favorite things
    2. Fireworks is → Fireworks are
    3. visionary → You wanted to say "visional" or "fantastic"?
    4. The girl wears it is → Girls wearing it look
    5. It is also saving → It helps us save

  2. Speaking was difficult.
    Writing was very difficult.

  3. I enjoyed it.

  4. I like Japanese summer.
    So,I enjoyed your speech.


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