Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1B4 Hidetoshi & Kouhei K


Hi,we are going to talk about Japanese famous place.

First,Mt.Fuji is highest mountain in Japan. The view is so beautiful from the top. You should climb there. Actually I have never climb there.

Second,Tokyoskytree was built in Tokyo. It was completed on February 29 in 2012. It is highest in the world. You should visit there.

Third, Horyuji was built by Shotoku Taishi in 607. It is oldest temple in Japan. You can feel history of Japan.


  1. Hi Hidetoshi & Kouhei,
    You did a great job, but um... the noises were louder than you.

    Let me point out 3 things for you to be better understood.

    1. Japanese famous place -> Japanese famous places

    2. 最上級には the を忘れずに -> the highest, the oldest

    3. 現在完了形は have + 過去分詞! I have never climb -> I have never climbed

  2. Hidetoshi & Kouhei k6/05/2012 3:31 PM

    We want to learn the highest, the oldest, places, climbed, completed.

  3. writing Horyuji was difficult. It was diffcult to write history of Japan.


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