Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wii Fit Day 1

I tried some yoga and muscle training exercise with Will Fit. Sit-ups were really hard, but successfully amused my husband, who took this photo (I had to edit it...).

1B4 Kentarou S

My holiday was very boring.
I did myhomework during holiday.
My homework was very hard and troublesome.

But I could relaxed at home.
Because my friends returned parents'home…

This GW was very boring and it was too long.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hello. I went to the museum. I saw Johannes Vermeer's works.
His works are very fantastic. "The Milkmaid" is one of my favorite pictures.
The milk in the picture looks delisious. I want to see the Johannes Vermeer's exibition agein.

1B3 kentaro

This is MANRAIKEN!!!! yeah! VeryDelicious!

Fwd: 1B3 takuya

Hi!everyone!this is the library!

1B3 Yshinobu


Hi everyone .this is cafeteria at cuc


Hi! Everyone. This is The Statue at CUC.

1B3 You

Hi everyone. This is tree at CUC


Hi! everyone. This is student shop at CUC.


This is library. This library has many books.


Hi everyone this is Building1

1B3 takuya

1B3 kentaro

1B3 Yuta

Hi! everyone. This is the library at CUC.

1B4 MY G.W Kei.Y

Hi,I'm kei. I was very busy this G.W.
Because I had class for "Mizuhokai" and I've been studying this week.
This picture is the park near my house.
There is surrounded by many trees ,and lawn is very fresh.
I was very refreshed to walking in this park.

Wii 1B3 Ms Yamauchi

(test post) I played with Wii for the first time at my parents' home during the GW holidays. I liked it very much and I ordered one. It's just arrived but I have to wait till this evening.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My GW 1B4 Kenta F

I went to the hot spring on Golden Week.
The hot spring is located in Tochigi,one of the hot springs of a few sulfur of Kanto.
It was very good at the hot spring after a long time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My GW 1B4 Kenta K


My GW was very busy.

1st day: I and My friends went BBQ. We enjoyed it.

3rd day, 4th day, 7th day and 9th day: I went part time job. It's very busy.

Other day: I played soccer with my frinds.

I am very tired!

Good Bye!

In Nagano 1B4Naomi

I went to my fathers parents home in Nagano. I went Hirugami to watch HANAMOMO. They were very beautiful. I hade a good time. I want to go to Nagano this summer vacation.

My GW 1B4 Hajime F

The first plan was bowling. But reschedule it, we watched a movie. The  title is SPEC 天. It was interesting than I thought.
In addition, I played jubeat in game center.
During GW, I was able to spend it happily. See you.

1B4 Kentaro

I looked for a part-time-job. but I couldn´t find a part-time-job. I went to IKEA on Taturday. I bought bed and desk. but I almost stayed at home.

My GW 1B4 Misaki

I saw nothing unusual about me. I didn't come back in Fukushima. Because my GW was watching TV, shopping, doing my homework, looking for part-time job, exchanging e-mail with my friends and family, reading a magazine and so on.

My GW 1B4 ootani k

4/27 I pleyed ma-jan consider time  (AM.5:30)and concentration I was convinced of that this game is last 
bad I drew a bad hand in spite of I had to get 16000 point 
however mine this hand is change by simotya's 『kan

In my opinion The last my hand is 18000 point 
but eventually I lose ¥500
Three days after I lose ¥10000 ( ;  ; )
I will not play ma-jan

My GW 1B4 yuki S

My GW pran is shopping and

watching cinema!!

I am going to shopping in

my highschoolfriends.

and cinema so.

Iam found of meet my friends.

but I have a homework.

I want to finish homework.

My GW 1B4 Miu

My GW was work almost every day. Since GW was the busiest time in one year, my workplace got very tired. The day of the rest ate with the friends and went also to karaoke. I was able to meet not only the friends at the time of a high school but the classmate at the time of a
junior high school after a long time. probably, it is good since it was pleasant every day, although assignment has not finished with a starting again tommorrow. I would like to go to buy clothes, when getting a salary, since shopping was not made during the rest.

My golden week 1B atsushi K

I went to Round1 with my friends.
Round1 is located Odaiba.
It was very crowded only with having still opened.
We played 'spotya' from midnight to toward morning there.
After it finished, 'Karaoke' was done for 6 hours .
It returned after that. It was very pleasant!!

1B4 Takuma N

I was home for 29th in Gunma Prefecture.  While the homecoming, without going anywhere, was relaxing at home. 4th, I met a friend from high school. We watched “Detective Conan” in movie theater.  After that, we play games or karaoke.

My Gorlden Weeks Takuya

I went back home in Gunma.

It taked 3 hours from here to Ichikawa.

Gunma is very beautiful.

And I went bowling with my friend.

I had a good time.

my gw 1B kouhei T

My gw started April 28.
This day I returned to one's family home Akita. l arrived in there 9p.m.
Next day I met my friend who is a working member of society.we played in a gamecenter.
my family has a dog that is 4 years old at this May 20.his name is minmin.I was excited met him in a long time.
I have spended great time in gw.

my GW 1B4 Kouhei K

I looked for part time job I went to Yokohama in april 28th,29th.I played baseball with my frends.I went to RoppogiHils. The night view seen from RoppogiHils was very beautful. Have a good time see you.