Friday, November 2, 2012

school festival 2B KinjoS

In my high schoool festival is held in October each year.
It has been held two days.
The school festival is very interesting.
I perform a played dance.
Our class danced cheer dance and Michael Jackson's dance,
and the creation dance of EVA.
We were the 2nd of 8 classes.
It was the best two days for me.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

School festival 2B Ryo A

In my high school festival is held in September every year.
Two days on Friday and Saturday.
Other classes were doing a play and a haunted house, m
y class sold instant noodles.
Instant noodles have about 700 , it was sold-out excellently.
It was not interesting but to be enriched school festival.
Thank you!

school festival

I love school festivals.
I think that it is splendid to accomplish one something in oneself.
The opportunity when I came to like a school festival is a school festival of the high schools which I went two years ago.
It was right a crystal of the efforts by the drama for two hours.
I cried to see the drama.
This is because actors were impressed by the figure which accomplished a drama.

I worked on a school festival from the age hard.
I danced on a stage in the high school. It was still unforgettable, and it was fun.

I cook crepe and chow mein this year at a university.
Please come to eat all of you if you like.



In my high school festival is held in September each year.
It has been held for two days.

The festival itself was not interesting.
However, the festival is interesting compared to the class

My class has sold ice cream.
It was sold out immediately.

The time with friends in a school festival was special!

school festival 2B Daiguji

I write about my high school festival.
The school festival is held in May or June.
Students open a store, and a student council holds some events.
I belonged to the student council, because I did a shop and some events.
I was substantial and was very interesting.
Thank you!

School festivals 2B Takayuki N

When I was in high school at a school festival, my homeroom class made a maze and haunted house and sold ice cream :)

About a maze, my job was carrying many material of a maze from dump of supermarket.

About haunted house, my job was dressing up as a ghost and surprising visitors.

I though that job my one's vocation, because I was able to surprise many visitors lol.

About ice cream shop, my job was advertising ice cream at my school.
Ice cream was quickly sold out and that return was very good!

Our ice cream shop received a favorable review and award of school :)

I still remember these memory, because that pleasanted me :)

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scool Festival 2B Omasa

I like scool festival.
I sold ice cream and pasta when high school student.
It is hard work.
but,It was fun.
because with my friends.
I went to Wayo univercity festival last year.
It was very pleasant.
I will go to mizuho-sai.
I am going to enjoy than last year.


I like school festival. I was perform a play on the stage in high school. We were practiced learn one's lines and put a play into rehearsal. We practiced and practiced to get ready for the stage. The stage was a great success. We enjoyed school festival. It was held to two days.

School festival 2B Miyazawa

I would go to the Mizuho-sai.
I belong to the youth hostel club.
We open Motu nabe and Pie nage.
My club members likes an several events.
Therefore, I paticipare also in event in a school.
I like atmosphere of this club.
Come on, I want to come to our shop.
Thanks for reading.

2B School festival

I will not go to a school festival this year.

It is because I have two schedules.

Because I have a schedule which goes to Tokyo racecourse on Saturday.

Tokyo Racecourse is located in Fuchu-city, Tokyo.

It is the racetcourse most famous in Japan.

I have gone there.

There is also a coffee shop and goods shop.

Therefore, I recommend you as a date course.

Please come on!

The second, I goes to Gumma Prefecture to go to see the colored maple on weekday.

I went to Kamikochi of the Nagano the year before last, and I went to Okutama in Tokyo last year.

The mountain reflected in a lake reverse is very beautiful in Taishoike in Kamikochi.

It is my recommend.

By the way, I went to the school festival of Wayo Women's University with friends last year.

It was not so pleasant.

Of course, I went to the school festival of CUC.

I am sorry about the not to go to a school festival this year.

Thank you!

『School festivals 』2B Naoto M

I participate in a school festivals.
It name is Mizuho-sai.
I belong Seikyo student committee.
We are going to sell crepe in school festival.
The crepe is very cheap and delicious!!!
I want you to buy it if you come for a school festival.
I like atmospheres of the school festival.
I match power together and enjoy it with every effort.

School festival of the high school 2_B Abe.Y

Hi,I write it about the memory of the school festival at the age of my high school.
My class opened simulation shop.I opened a shop of the okonomiyaki.
A lot of people came by reputation if delicious and were able to be sold a lot.
In addition, outdoor live broadcasting or fireworks swell a lot and become the best school festival, and it is still with a memory.
Oneself stays as the memory that there should not be at the university at such an opportunity.
Thank you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1B4 Atsushi Summer vacation

I went to Round1 with my friends.
We played bowling all night.
I was  tired and too fun.
Finished bowling, We went to Karaoke.
I would like to go again!!

1B4 Kenta F

I started first part time job in my life. This part time job is physical lador. I was very tired but I earned 80,000. Good part time job.

1B4 yuki Summer Vacation

Hi,I went to my high school!!

because I play track and field!

I very tired!

I finished practice.

We went to pool!

It is very interesting!

1B4 H Nakajima Summer vacation

I went to Gunma. Because my friend live in there. Gunma is very wonderful. The view is so beautiful. I enjoyed this trip. I went to go there. Thank you.