Thursday, May 31, 2012

2B Takayuki & Daiki


(Updated on June 7)
I'm Daiki and Takayuki!
We are going to talk about what we like and dislike about Japan.

Our favorite things is Japanese four season.
Because Japanese four season have each of the seaonal tradition.

For example there are a cherry brossom-viewing picnic and firework.
These things is very beautiful!

But we dislike pollen of the in Japan,since hay fever is very hard(>_<)
And we hate cicada of the summer in Japan.
Because cicada's song is very noisy and it is grotesque!

Thank you┐('〜`;)┌


  1. It is very easy.
    And I am glad it know many Japanese things.

  2. Speaking was easy.

    Because my partner was good job.


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