Thursday, October 13, 2011

Go shopping.2B oyu

Hi,I'm oyu.I'm going to talk about go shopping.
I study bookkeeping every day.
Of corse,I also like it.But I sometimes go shopping on my way home.
Many shops are which my favorite between my home and CUC.
For example, Lalaport and PARCO.
I like shopping to take my mind off study.


  1. Hi,oyu!
    I`m Ya-a.
    I Iike syopping too.
    What kind of dress do you do?

  2. Hi,I'm ZCY.I like shopping very much.
    I often go shopping to SIBUYA and KAIHINMAKUHARI.
    Shall we go shopping with me,next time.

  3. Hi, I am SEI. I like shopping, too. I often go shopping at Yokohama. So, you can tell me some nice shops?

  4. Hi!I'm miki.
    I often go shopping to Omotesando.
    Is there any favorite brand?

  5. Thank you for your comment.
    I want to wear many kinds of clothes.
    So I am made to choose many kinds of dress.

  6. Hi, ZYC.
    I'm oyu.
    I've never went to there.
    Sounds good!
    Please show around.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi, Sei.
    I'm oyu.
    Although there is lalaport also in Yokohama, does it go sometimes?
    A lot of shop will launch the product during the year-end shopping season.

  8. Hi, miki.
    I'm oyu.
    I want to go shopping in Omotesando someday.
    I like many kinds of clothes.
    Recently, I bought dress with axes.
    Thank you.


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