Monday, October 22, 2012

My summer vacation

Hi. My name is Kentaro Inoue. My summer vacation is very busy. But it is attractively for me. I always do part time job. My part time job is convenience store. I went to Harajuku, Coshigayalaketown and Lalaport in my free time. I bought clothes and accessories. I really into clothes and accessories. I saw live on August 8th. It is very fun.


  1. Hi Kentaro,

    You were busy, indeed! You work at a convenience store, so how many hours a day did you work during the summer vacation? 8 hours? 10 hours?

    As you're into clothes and accessories, you know a lot of good shops? What shops do you recommend?

    Great that you enjoyed the live concert. Whose concert was that?

  2. Hi,I'm takeishi.You were busy and very niece time in the summer vacation.

  3. Hello!! I'm Atsushi.
    You should take lest more!


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