Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2B shigeki "Free time"

When I have free time I go to the Karaoke with my friend.
We have to go once a week there.
Karaoke is a Rainbow in the Tsudanuma
Rainbow is large and clean .
Friend is the same university and local as me.
A friend who is very aggressive!
Recently, I have sing the song of a group called Weaver.
Music is my only hobby.


  1. Hello,Shigeki!!
    The appearance and voice are cool, so whatever is sung, maybe you look cool!!^ω^
    I don't go to karaoke recently, so I'd like to live after a long time.
    What is the song at which you're good most?

  2. Hi Shigeki,
    As Ryo asks, what song are you best at? I'd love to hear you singing, though I'm not a karaoke goer.

  3. Hi Shigeki, let me check your grammar :-)
    1. I go to Karaoke with my friends.
    2. 週に1回は津田沼のレインボーでカラオケをします。
    We sing karaoke once a week, at Rainbow in Tsudanuma.
    3. 同じ大学や地元の友人と行きます。
    I go there with my friends from home or my university.
    4. 友人の一人はとても攻撃的(挑戦的)です。
    One of my friends is very aggressive!

  4. Hi,Shigeki:-)
    I like karaoke too.
    karaoke is good hobby.
    I want to listen your singing!

  5. Thanks!thanks!thanks!
    It maybe a single bed sung by SharanQ.

  6. Will lend to the teacher of my friends Kawaguti.

  7. It is fun karaoke. What is your favorite singer?


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