Saturday, June 9, 2012

My free time 2B Ryo A

My free time , I often play soccer with a friends of a high school .
A coat is borrowed for 2 hours , and it's separated into a team , and plays soccer.
I get tired , but it's very very fun.


  1. Grammar Check6/14/2012 8:19 AM

    1. 暇な時、私はよく高校の頃の友達とサッカーをします。
    In my free time , I often play soccer with my friends from high school.

    2. コートを2時間借ります。
    We rent a coat for 2 hours.

    3. チームに分かれてサッカーをします。
    We divide ourselves into 2 teams and play soccer.

  2. Hi Ryo. That's a wonderful way of spending your free time! How much does it cost to rent the coat?

  3. Hi Ryo(^^)/

    You're good at spending your free time.

    I'm too,will watch today's Italy VS Croatia!
    But it's hard for me,because I must get up early(´Д`)

    Please cheer the Italy!

  4. Hi, Ryo. It's good way to spend free time.
    I watched UEFA champions league FRANCE vs SPAIN!
    It was interesting, though I'm not so familiar with soccer rule lol
    It makes me really sleepy now zzz

  5. Hi Ryo, I'm shima.
    Since I'm not good at sport, the way of your spending freetime is fresh idea for me.
    But it sounds good.


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