Thursday, July 19, 2012

2B Summer Plan ShunK

My summer vacation plan is going to Kyoto amd Osaka with follow of the
I have been looking forward to going now.
In Kyoto,we make the traditional sweets of kyoto.
In addition,in Osaka,we visited the Osaka Castle and Tsutenkaku.
I think I do enjou a lot with friends.
Also,during the summer vacation to return to my home.
I am really looking forward to not go back for only two or three times
in one year.
I think I want to spend the day so rich.
This is my plan for the summer.
Thank you!


  1. hi Shunk,

    I really hope you will have a fun on your trip.
    In fact, I wanna go somewhere for taking a rest, but I can't.
    there are several reasons. but I am ok because I might be in somewhere in two years. anyway, good to hear your summer plan.
    good luck with your trip.

  2. Hi,ShunK!I'm Hiroto.
    Osaka is very funny place.
    Tutenkaku is good place to visit.
    Enjoy your summer vacation!!


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