Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Iron Man - Review - KentaK & Yuma 1B4


Iron man is a science-fiction action film,released in 2008.
It was directed by Jon Favreau. It stars Robert Downey JR, Terrence Howord, and Jeff Bridges.

The film describes a near future world. The iron man can demonstrate very strong power. He is CEO of Stark Industris. Tony Stark has gifted inventive ability. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the chief at the age of 17. He developed the powered suit,in order to escape from a terrorist organization. The powered suit was improved and the mark 3 was completed. He decides to fight for the world.

My favorite scene is when Tony Stark wearing a "Powered Suit" for the first time. What I like the best about the movie is an "Iron man " flying so high in the sky, and fight against enemies.

You'll sure love this movie.


  1. I love this movie.

  2. Reading your review, I want to watch this movie now.
    Nakajima Hidetoshi

  3. Hi. I'm takeishi. Reading your review,I want to watch this movie now.

  4. Hi. My name is Kentaro.
    This movie is near future.
    I don't useally watcted movies.
    But I want to watcted this movie.

  5. Hello,I'm Kaneko Atsushi.
    I haven't watched this movie.But reading your
    review I want to watch this movie.
    I have free time,I will watch this movie!

  6. Hi, your review made me want to watch this movie! I did watch it last weekend and enjoyed it a lot. I especially liked the scenes when the Iron-Man flies like a plane :) Thanks!

  7. I like this movie. It is very interesting movie.


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