Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another - Review - Kei & KentaroS 1B4


"Another" is horror nobel which is published in2009 written by Yukito Ayatuji. This work is very popular in Japan so be media mixed in comic, animation and movie. This story is the class where in yomiyama which has mystery horror, Deceased mingle in the class. Main characters are Koichi and Mei. Koichi is changed his school at Yomiyama junior high school. And Mei is mysterious girl. In the class Mei is regarded unexistence. When in the middle examination first deceased appear. My favorite scene is the last scene ,when Koichi knows Deceased. Then, he decided what to do. This work has many gap at many media. Especially in Animation, which is very emphasis on terror. The story is very scare, but if you like mystery or horror,you will love this work.


  1. Hi, thanks for reviewing Ayatuji's novel! He is one of my favorite writers and I used to read his mysteries a lot, but lately he hasn't written as much as before...

    This horror novel was one of his latest stories and I enjoyed it a lot! I'm not sure if I want to watch the anime version, though. I might turn my eyes away if it gets too scary.

    1. Thanks for comment!
      He wrote many series of mystery novel,but nowadays ,actually he dousen't publish his work.

      Interesting more,his wife Fuyumi Ono ,she is mystery novel writer.She's masterpiece is "Shi-ki(屍鬼)".

      The animation of Another is little different its story from novel,and too many dead. In Best 10Aword of Internet,there is ranking in "If its in 'Another' word we've dead(Anotherなら死んでいた)"

    2. Oh Ono-san is one of my favorite writers, too... and she hasn't published her books either. I love "Shiki", but I've been a huge fan of "Kunikokki" (十二国記). I've been waiting for the next volume to be published. I really want to know what will happen to Taiki (泰麒)!


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