Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - 2B Arimitsu & Tone

The Movie's title is Pirate of Caribbean.
The establishment is piratical world.
The hero of this movie is Jack Sparrow.Cast is the Johnny Depp.He is
He adventures the sea. He stands up to many difficulty.
My favorite scene is Jack entered Kraken's mouth.This scene is a symbol
of his brave heart.
What I like the best about the movie is a lot of pirates fight with
using a lot of arms. About this, I think it is exciting.


  1. I watch this movie too.
    it was very interesting.
    THE hero was smart.

  2. I watched this movie too.

    My favorite character is Davy Jone's, by the way.
    Who is your favorite character???

    Your movie review has made me want to become a pirate!

    Thank you for a good review(^_^)


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