Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our free time 2B SatoO & NatsumiM

S:Hi, what do you usually do in free time?

M:I usually read a comics.

S:What comics do you like?

M:I like sport comics. For exsample "Ookiku furikabutte".

S:What sports?

M:This comics was written about baseball.
    How about you ? Do you like reading a comics?

S:Yes, I like "Ahiru no sora".

M:I know it. What do you like character?

S:I like Tobi. He is cool.

M:Me too! Let's talk about other comics sometimes.

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  1. Hi, Sato & Natsumi !!
    I am not good at playing sports…,
    but I have ever read "Ahiru no sora".
    I like it! I always cry when I read it XD


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