Thursday, June 21, 2012

2B free time KoheiD

When I am free, I usually work part-time.
At time except it, I make plastic model of Gundam, watch TV , play TV game, run a car, do a variety of things.
I want to make it recently because plastic model of Gumdam increased when I am free.


  1. Grammar Check6/21/2012 6:35 AM

    Hi Kohei, let me check your grammar :-)

    1. 時間が許せば=If time allows
    2. I make plastic models of Gundam, watch TV , play TV games, go for a drive, and do a variety of things.
    3. 最近、ガンダムのプラモデルが増えているので、暇な時は作りたくなります。
    There are more and more plastic models of Gundam these days I want to make one when I'm free.

  2. Hi Kohei! I'm cheb.
    I have never made plastic models.
    It seems that making those is very difficult.
    Please show me some pictures of your plastic models of Gumdam!


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