Thursday, December 8, 2011

My favorite character @cuc-2b-taka

Hello I'm taka.
My favorite character is Elmo.
Do you know Elmo?
Elmo is a character which comes out in Sesame Street, and is a hero.
A bodily color is whole body red and it is carrying out it lightly.
A birthday is February 3.
It is said that Elmo's age is 3 eternal years old.
Favorite food is a Japanese horseradish.
Elmo's best friend is Dorothy of a goldfish.
Dorothy is doing the reddish body.
Incidentally, Elmo is a left-handed person.

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  1. Hi,I'm oyu.
    I saw a video that appeared on variety shows Elmo in YOUTUBE.
    I thought Elmo is so cute gesture and speech.
    I want you to show this video.


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