Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Children 1A Sunao

I like chlidren.
Because children are pure and cute.
l want get a chlid.
But i don't have girlfriend.
l am looking for a cute girl.


  1. Hi Sunao,
    Do you want to have only one child, or more?
    I have two younger sisters, and I think it's fun to have brothers or sisters, though sometimes we had fights when we were younger.

  2. I don`t like children
    because they are noisy
    But looking for a cute gilr is I agree

  3. Children are very cute.
    But, I don't like children.
    Because children are annoying :´(


  4. So i think you will be a good husband and a good father.A good girl must be waiting for you,find her,and to be happiness.


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