Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soccer 1A Kenta

I'm interested in soccer.
My favorit team is Liverpool.
You'll never walk alone is Liverpool song.
Premia (←Premier) league is exiting.
I hope Liverpool win.


  1. Hi Kenta. I know very little about soccer, but I'm getting interested because many people talk about it. Why do you like Liverpool? Who's your favorite player? Do you play soccer?

    I don't watch soccer but my sister loves going to wach games. She's a fan of Vegalta, and when they have a game near my house she visits me after the game.

  2. Hi Kenta.

    I cannot soccer.

    But To watch soccer is very like.

    My name is Kaniだよ。

  3. Hi Kenta.
    My name is daiki.
    I like basketball.

  4. My favorite player is Luis Suarez.
    Who is your favorite player?

  5. > Yushi
    Could you say something more than "Nice" please?


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