Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My favorite place.

Hi,I'm Mifuyu.
My favorite place is a school.
I living alone.
Therefore a person to talk to is not in the my house.
It is very lonely.
There are a lot of friends in a school.
So I like school.
It is fun every day.


  1. Hi Mifuyu. So you started to live alone after you entered the university. I imagine you're getting to used to it now. So glad to hear you have a lot of friends and enjoy talking to them at school! Do you go out somewhere with them, too?

  2. Hello Mifuyu!!

    There are many friends at school me, too, so it's fun.

    A person like the specter who comes out next to you is afraid.(^ω^)ww

    It's parents' home living, so I'd like sometimes to live alone.

    Is the living alone serious as expected?

  3. Hi,Mifuyu! I like schools,too. Are you living alone now? I am respect for you because I can not housework. Where is your hometown?

  4. Hello!! Mifuyu!
    I'm Akiho.
    I live by myself, too.
    So, I know your feeling.
    Therefore I also like school:)


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