Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My favorite place

Hi everyone!

My name is Toshiyuki U.

I introduce the place in which a sky tree fine at night.

This photograph is lighting of the sky tree reflect in the "kita jikken river" .

A photography place is a "nishi jikken bridge".

I actually take a photograph.

The "nishi jikken bridge" is located in Sumida-ward, Tokyo.

The sky tree seen from here is call the "upside-down sky tree."

It is beautiful so that it may be a mirror!

A sky tree is reflect very fine daytime.

Please go here!

Thank you!


  1. Hi Toshiyuki, thanks for letting us know about "Upside Down Tokyo Sky Tree" view on the river. Awesome! You took this photo at night. You're a great photographer! What camera did you use? I love taking photos too.

  2. Hi Toshiyuki! This is Ryo.
    The Tokyo sky tree also opened at last.
    I haven't been to neighborhood yet, I'll go to the "Nishi jikken bridge" for this year.

  3. Hi, Toshiyuki. I'm Ali.
    The photo of "upside-down sky tree" is very beautiful and romantic. Next time I go to Tokyo, I'll certainly visit there and try to take photos from Nishi Jikken Bridge!
    Thank you for your lovely guide to the Tokyo Sky Tree.


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