Thursday, May 17, 2012

2B ShunK A place I want to visit


I want to visit Tokyo Sky Tree.
Tokyo Sky Tree is open on May 22.
Tokyo Sky Tree is the heighest tower is the world.
It is not far from Chiba to there.
There is also much commercial establishment and there is around a tower.
It is recommended at those who want to see a beatiful scene or like a
high place.

Thank you!


  1. Hi Shun. So it's going to open next week! I didn't know that. I love both high places and beautiful scenes. I should go there! What can you do at the commercial facilities around the tower, by the way? Are they like LalaPort?

  2. Hello ShunK!
    Wow it's a very good photo.
    I want to visit there too.
    I think it is romantic and wonderful.
    And, I want to visit the commercial establishment.
    I want to go Tokyo so much!!!


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