Thursday, May 17, 2012

2B Takayuki.N Tokyo Disneyland

Hello \(^o^)/
This is the Tokyo Disneyland!!!

Its catch copy is "welcome the kingdom of dream and magic"
Its area is 510000!
It is in Chiba.
It was opend on April 15,1983.
Its symbol is the castle of chinderella.
Its opening time is from 9up to 10.
Its manager is Orientalland.
The admission fee of it is about 5000yen.

I have ever visited there about 20times.
I visited there in February,last year,so I want to go to there early!!!

My favorite attraction is "Big thunder mountain".
Its motif is a mining train ran out of control in disused mine at the gold rush age.

I dislike "coffee cup"because it turns around very much ,so I feel worse,by the way.

The popular food is "smork turkey leg ".
Its price is 500yen.It is very nice(^○^)
When I went Disneyland,I regularly eat.

Thank you┐('〜`;)┌


  1. Hi Takayuki, thanks for sharing a lot of facts about TDR. So it's almost 30 years old now! Time flies! You're a big fan of TDR, since you've been there 20 times!!! In my opinion, 5000 yen is a bit too expensive, but you don't think so, of course. How long do you usually spend there?

  2. Hi.
    The castle of chinderella is very beautiful!
    I've never been to the Tokyo Disneyland, and wanted to go there.
    I love Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
    They are very cute.

    I want to try "Big thunder moutain" if I go there.
    I will go next year. I'm looking foward to visiting there more!

    1. Hi!Rin chan(^_^)/
      Thank you for comment!

      Big Thunder Mountain is very dangerous(-_-;)
      So, you if you should be aware of.
      Good luck!!!

      When you go there next year, please do enjoy , leaving the memories.



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