Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2B RyoM I love 『SEVEVS』


The place I introduce to everyone this time is Harajuku.
I go to a purchase and a beauty salon in Harajuku.
I often go to Harajuku by myself.
Because my favorite one is because it's different from other people.
And I also like time I need by myself.

There are a lot of used clothing shops in Harajuku.
The respective stores are distinctive,
and there are many stores with a lot of assortment of boots,
stores where the state of the vintage thing is good and stores where the
price is very low.
The store I like most in those is "SEVEVS".
Because I'm on good terms like a staff there and a friend.
You reduce the price, and I sometimes have clothes freely by "SEVENS".
Many the favorite ones are put, and goods there are the store fashion
can enjoy by the wide genre.
When there is a chance when everyone goes to Harajuku, too, please go by
all means. (・▽・)

A picture is the staff with I'm on good terms.
I like his fashion very showily!!
If there is a person who would like to go to "SEVENS", I show the way.(^


  1. Thanks for a great introduction to Seves! People who love fashion and shopping would like to know even more. Is it difficult to find this shop, by the way?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment.
      I like fashion and want everyone to have an interest in clothes, too very much.
      There is this store in the back lane, so it isn't too conspicuous like a selection shop, so I think I don't know the place if I'm not the person who goes to Harajuku.


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