Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2B ~Home Alone~ Abey & Urasawat


The person of McAllister who lived in Chicago would go to Paris in Christmas trip. However, 8-year-old boy Kevin has been left behind by a house because all the members overslept and went to the airport hastily.
Kevin enjoyed a single life, but the thief of the duo aimed at a house of Kevin. Kevin makes a device in a house in order to protect a house from a thief and meets thieves.

This movie is U.S.A. of the 90s, a story of Chicago.

Kevin of the chief character is the McAllisters five youngest child who is brother and receives rough treatment from an older brother, older sisters every day.

The man of the duo was a robber at the house of not in Kevin. Kevin makes up his mind to protect a house alone and makes the battle plan that spread the perfection defense in a house.

Harry came over before long. I beat wonderfully and defeated group of 2 in an attack of Kevin to pursue and make further attacks on in sequence. In the next morning, families came back to the house, and peace came back to everybody.

"Home Alone" is very interesting.
Thank you.


  1. I watched this movie and like one, too.
    thank you for a good review!

  2. I have also seen this movie.
    This movie is very interesting.
    Your review is also intelligible.
    Thank you.


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