Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2B Naoto&Takuma Movie Leview "Bio Hazard"

"Bio Hazard is an action and horror film, released in 2002.
It was written by Paul W S Anderson.
Look at the photograph.
A woman of the leading role of this movie.
It name is Milla Jovovich.The official title is Alice.

This is T-virus.You become a zombie when infectid.
It is a very strong virus.
Blue liquid is virus,and green liquid is vaccine.

A zombie bites a normal human and the human become a zombie.
The fight scene is very powerful.

Alice use the gun and fight.
Please pay attention.

Mika Nakashima in 5items of this movie.
The quality is high make u and appear.

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  1. Although I'm poor at a grotesque movie, I have seen this movie several times.
    Since this movie has many scenes to bleed, he is poor at it.
    Isn't he poor at the scene with grotesque you?(××)


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