Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2B Kohei & Otohiko movie review "TOP GUN"


"TOP GUN" is fighter action film, released in 1986.
It was directed by Tony Scott. It stars Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis.
The film presents about 1986.
Training organization "TOP GUN" of the elite fighter pilot become the stage.
Maverick is a naval fighter pilot.
He is unconventional controlling pilot.
Maverick flew in the Indian Ocean with Cougar of the consort plane.
They encounter an unidentified plane.
Therefore Maverick will go in aTOP GUN.
My favorite scene is when Goose die.
He is Maverick's partner.
His death led to growth of Maverick.
I like this movie using real fighter.
I recommend this movie to a parson liking fighters and action movies.

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