Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2B "In Time" Ryo.M and Ryota.N


"In Time" is an SF film shown in Feburuary,2012.
The chief character of this movie is Justin and Amanda.

Time becames the life and the money in this world.
And this world is divided into the well off having a lot of time and the
poblador that it's all could do-though they lives with low income.

Will worked in the slums.
On the other hand,Sylvia was brought up carefully in the city the well
off family.
These two people met you at a party performed in a mansion of Sylvia.
And Sylvia was attracted by charm of the will.

People working in the slums are made to work for a low salary.
So,time is up,there is the person losing it's life.
Will's mother lost it's life,too.

The person whom I like Raymond.
He supervise the supply of unfair time and catch a villain.
He accomplished work until life ran out.
I respect him who accomplished work till the last.

Thank you.

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