Thursday, November 15, 2012

about watching movies 2B Daiguji

I like watching movies.
Particularly, I like going to the movie theater, because the big screen is powerful.
I watch movies twice a month.
I like action movies, SF movies and special effects movies.
Above all, my favorite movies are "Top Gun" and "Independence Day".
In addition, Tom Cruise and Will Smith appearing in them are my favorite actors.
But I have not watched those movies in a movie theater.
They seem to be shown by 3D movie again.
I certainly want to watch those movies which became 3D movie.

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  1. Hi Daiguji,
    I haven't watched Top Gun, but I love the song, Take My Breath Away. I've been interested in 3D films so I'd love to watch it in 3D! is it possible to enjoy 3D films at home?


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