Thursday, November 15, 2012

2B Watching a movie Natsumi M

I do not often watch a movie.
But I like watching a movie.
I like watching movie rather at my home TV than at the theater.
My favorite movie is The series of Ziburi.
Mimi wo sumaseba is the best movie for me in the series of Ziburi.
The most favorite scene in the movie is Sizuku meets Seiji for the first time.
I like Country road of the song of insertion, too.

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  1. Hi Natsumi,
    I like Ghibli films too, though I watched only a couple of them. I'll try Mimi o sumaseba. It sounds like a cute story and I like the song, Take me home, Country road! My favorite film is Howl's moving castle, but I remember this well probably because I watched it in Seoul. it was really interesting to see Korean people laughing, asking or saying something loudly.


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