Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What do you have breakfast?
I often have butter bread roll and drink cocoa.
But I have no school,  I have crescent roll or sandwich and so on, and drink juice.
Breakfast is very important..
I think we should have breakfast, because we can study very well in the morning。


  1. I have (a) rice and miso soup, or (b) yogurt and cornflakes for breakfast. And I always have a cup of coffee.

    You're right. You need breakfast to get your brain working!!!

  2. Hi! This is L'Shawn. I am the Writing I teacher! I really liked your post. I eat oatmeal for breakfast on weekday mornings, and on weekends, I usually eat eggs and pancakes. I agree with you and myam; breakfast is important! When I don't eat breakfast, I am tired during the day, and I get too hungry in the evening and eat too much at dinner!


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