Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i'm sorry,i posted succesrively :(

did you see YATTER-MAN :)??

some classmate will notice who am i...
but i want to write this here.

i bought tickets by movie started.
this was with key ring.

i wanted this!!!!

me→key ring
i wanted to see you!!!

maybe i felt that then.

again ask you,
"did you see YATTER-MAN??"

if you don't see this,
please go to the movie theater!!!!

of course,this is very exciting!!!

oh,this main hero in the movie apqears as the role of quiz chairman in new drama.

please cheak too!

see ya.



  1. "Yatter Man" sounds like an interesting movie, but if it is in Japanese, I cannot see it because I can't understand Japanese that well! I will do my best to study Japanese so that I can watch it when it comes out on DVD! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I used to watch Yatter-man when I was a junor high school student (I think). Is it on air now again? :D


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