Thursday, March 29, 2012

Final Essays - English 2B, 2011 Fall Semester

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  1. Are these written I've learned in class?

  2. Yes, they are the essays you, the 2B students, wrote in January. You found yours, didn't you? :-)

  3. Thank you for reply.
    Oh, I just have found my essay now!
    It's difficult to me write in English an essay.

  4. Good! I imagine it was difficult for EVERYONE to write in English, but you did a great job! I was amazed that most of you wrote quite a lot, and that some of the stories (including yours) were really interesting :-)

    In the survey at the end of the semester, many students said they wanted to have their writing corrected. I was really surprised that many of them wanted to have their mistakes marked in red in their posts!

  5. Wow! I'm so happy.
    I like English!
    I want as speak more English as possible to tell that I'm thinking then.

    I've commented a site that was recommended from you. Then, I get respond which don't know someone! I don't speak English well, but I noticed that I can get through to feelings.

  6. You got a response from someone you don't know! Good for you :-) I'm happy to hear that you know you can express yourself.

    Keep posting to the VOA page on Facebook, and using as much English as you can! If you like, I'd like to invite you as this blog's author ;-)

  7. Is it possible?
    I am delighted to hear it!
    Please invite to the VOA.

  8. Oh I mean this blog, "What's Up" ;-)

  9. Oh, sorry.
    I misunderstood you wanted to say.


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