Thursday, May 24, 2012

2B KoheiD My favorite place

Hi everyone!
My favorite place is DiverCityTokyo in Odaiba.
Nearest station is Daiba station or Tokyo-Teleport station.
It opened on April 19,2012.
Here is many shops.
However,I'm not interested in many shops.
I like GUNDAM very much.
I'm interested in 1/1 GUNDAM!
This is 18m.
I watched 1/1 GUNDAM.
It was rainy on that day.
I want to see it once again on the day when it was fine.

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Kohei,
    I was in junior high school when the 1st Gundam started on TV, but I didn't watch TV very much. So I didn't know very much about Gundam until recently. A few days ago, I borrowed a set of Gundam comics (13 volumes) and read them all. Really interesting. I think I'd buy the set myself to keep it in my "library".


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