Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2B Miyazawat My favorite place

My favorite place is Sakura.
Sakura is located in Chiba.
This place is countryside.
But,this city is very interesting because there are many historical
It is one of features of this city there is also a variety of fun for
every season.
In addition, the reason is becouse there is my grandmother's house in
this city.
I settle in this city.


  1. Hi MiyazawaT , this is Hiroto.
    The picture of sakura is very beautiful.
    I like sakura ,too.
    I want to go to Chiba and visit historical places.

    1. Thank you for Mr.Hiroto comment.
      Sakura will allow us to bring happiness to the hearts of the people.
      Please come to the world if the opportunity arises, Chiba.


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