Friday, June 29, 2012

1B4 Kei I wanna see "Niagara Falls"

I wanna go to toronto,Canada.
Because I want to see "Niagara Falls" again.
I went to there in the winter of 3rd year of junior high school for school excursion, and I felt powerful impression at times.
And there, SKYlon tower ,that view from tower was very beautiful.
So,I want to ge there again.
There tempreturechanges more extreme than in Japan.
In winter, there tempreture is fall below -20°,but in summer there over 30°.
So,we careful for there cloth.
And ,it's travel cost is too expensive.Only a round-trip fare costs you 40,000yen.
What's more include the accommodation charges , there need 100,000yen


  1. Grammar Check7/03/2012 11:41 AM

    Be careful!
    1. I wanna go to Toronto, Canada, because I want to see "Niagara Falls" again.
    2. And there was the Skylon tower (next to the Falls). The view from tower was very beautiful.
    3. Temperature differences are much larger there than in Japan.
    4. In winter the temperature falls to below -20°, but in summer it rises to over 30°.
    5. What's more, you need 100,000 yen for accommodation.

  2. Hi Kei,
    So you've been to Canada. I'm jealous! A friend of mine living there recommends visiting there in summer or autumn. it'll be really beautiful there. BTY, I haven't had a chance to go there though I've wanted to for a long time. I'm especially interested in life in Quebec, how bilingual it is.


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