Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paris 2B OomasaY

I want to go to Paris in France.
I want to go to Louvre Museum.
I want to see Mona Lisa.
And I want to eat French food.
But,I don't have money.
I would like to save money and to go.


  1. I forgot to write title and a name.
    My name is OowasaY.

  2. Hi,Oomasa Y!! I'm acchan!!
    Yes, I also want to go to France.
    So, I study French but it's very difficult for me to study it.
    Moreover, I have to make money to go there.
    Why do you want to go to French?

    1. Hi!acchan!
      It is hard to get money.
      Money is important.
      I have to do part-time job.
      Because I would like to watch world famous Mona Lisa.


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