Friday, June 29, 2012

2B Shigeki "France"

I want to go to France.
It has many famous buildings.
For example, the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint Michel, Versailles, etc.
Views is a favorite for me, there is a place interesting.

And French cuisine is stylish and delicious.Macaroon is one of my favorite.

I think I would like to stay about a week.
Cost to do this is so even if there is sufficient 500,000.
I want to go until he graduated from the University, must now work hard savings from the.


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  2. Hi Shigeki,

    Your picture reminds me that I went to Paris for a week.
    I had a great time, but for me one week was too short to enjoy the all the things of Paris that interested me.
    Through my experience, I would like to suggest that when you have an opportunity to visit there, try to stay as long as you can, it will be a great experience to have a long time to travel around France.
    In my case, unfortunately there was a limited time, only a week, to travel to France so I was unable to look explore the other areas of France apart from Paris.

  3. Hi,Shigeki!

    I think France is a fashionable town which looks good on you.
    The boy who likes a macaroon doesn't come across me!!
    you're cool!!
    I'd like to be the man who can have a hobby like you, too.

    Are you OK with French study?^^


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