Friday, June 29, 2012

The place want to visit 2B Takayuki.N

I'd like to visit to the Egypt,because I've been interested in the Egypitan civilization since I was jr high school student:〉

Especially,l want to go to the Cairo in the Egypt.
There are many World Heritage Site in there.

I'd like to watch the Pyramid and the Sphinx in there!
And I'd like to try to get in the Pyramid!

It's cost about 100,000yen from Japan.
It's not too expensive.

But...the Egypt is very hot and dryness(-_-;)

...I recommend the Egypt!

Thank you!(b^ー°)


  1. hello, mr. my name is kazuki.txt.
    i am poor at swelter, but i also wanna go to egypt. coz of i wanna see world heritage in there and wanna travel around the world.


    1. Hi! Kazuyuki(^^)/

      Thank you for commenting!
      Oh,Really?That's great!

      I hope you'll visit to there!
      Good luck(^o^)/



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